Online Stores


We help people who want to move their business online.
For whom? For anyone who can sell online.
Do you need an online store that will efficiently and quickly execute orders? Do you want to efficiently handle orders, manage promotions, add, change and edit the assortment? Contact us.
We create modern stores and internet applications.

We will prepare:
- Internet domain registration and configuration
- Store based on the PrestaShop system
- product management
- gallery management
- user management
- category management
- a graphic template, our proposal - or a selection of a graphic design of the store from over 1000 designs. After specifying the industry, we send a link to the proposed proposal and the ability to independently choose from among 1000 other templates (extra charge for the template + implementation PLN 200).
- Create a category tree
- Store management system
- Maintaining the store on the server, the first year is free!
- Implementation of the payment system, Przelewy24 or Dotpay
- Optimization for Google - automatic, downloaded data from the name and description of the product
- The implementation includes one Polish language version, possibility of other language versions
- Online technical training.
- Own store regulations or those prepared by a law firm cooperating with us

Main functions of the Online Store

  • Products
    • Adding products
      - Quick adding of products
      - Defining features and values ​​
      - Creating product sets
      - Selling personalized products by allowing customers to upload files
      - Create products with variants from the feature list using the combination generator
      - Creating digital products
      - Attaching files or displaying additional information on product pages
      - Setting the minimum order quantity for selected products
      - Selecting the message displayed in the absence of goods
      Browse products
      - Quick adding of products
      Status monitoring
      - Track the inventory of each product
      - Adding suppliers and associating them with products
      - Adding producers
      - Browse the list of manufacturers and suppliers with the option of sorting and filtering

  • Customize your shop
    • Setting up the store
      - Offering various payment methods
      - Establishing delivery methods
      - Support for delivery zones and assigning carriers
      to them - Determination of the costs of the offered methods of delivery
      - Definition of the maximum dimensions of the packages
      - SSL certificate support
      - Setting the store as a directory
      Content and navigation
      - Configuring how products are displayed
      - Organizing products in the store
      - Set up filtering, sorting and product page breakdown
      - Setting up an internal search engine
      - Displaying the results with basic information about the searched products
      - Set display mode or layered navigation
      - Added product finder window on 404 error page
      - Informing customers about the store
      - Displaying stationary stores on Google maps
      - Offering various payment methods
      - Establishing delivery methods
      - Support for delivery zones and assigning carriers
      to them - Determination of the costs of the offered methods of delivery
      - Definition of the maximum dimensions of the packages
      - SSL certificate support

  • Legal
    • Compliance
      - Creation of CMS pages or blocks with legal information
      - View legal information on specific pages
      - Ensure that the purchasing process complies with European law
      - Compliance with European law by displaying information on delivery methods and costs
      - Defining an order cancellation policy
      - Digital products excluded from the return policy
      - Setting the environmental fee
      Tax calculation
      - Determining the amount of tax depending on the location
      - Adding tax to shipping and packaging costs
      - Tax display for US customers

  • Store management
    • Creating special offers
      - Setting up coupons
      - Choice of discount method
      - Pricing policy setting
      - Setting the rules for creating special offers: for products, customers or for orders
      - Offering free shipping
      Highlighting products
      - Full product page display with quick checkout buttons, related products and promotional content
      - Offering products to customers
      - Promoting specific products
      - Use of the slider to promote products
      - Offering customers gift wrapping service
      Inspiring customer confidence
      - Displaying the logos of intermediaries servicing payments
      Increasing interest & nbsp;
      - Reduce the number of abandoned carts by sending customers emails
      - Re-engage customers by sending emails with the products viewed
      - Sending e-mails to interested customers informing about product re-availability
      Getting traffic
      - Positioning the store
      - Positioning of product pages and CMS pages
      - Store integration with social networking sites
      Placing advertisements in the store
      - Collecting customer email addresses
      - Posting graphics or advertising banners
      in the store - Giving affiliate partners powers

  • Order handling
    • Order fulfillment
      - Viewing orders placed
      - Creating orders in the administration panel
      - Editing of the order at the customer's request
      - Defining the order of the stages of order fulfillment and return
      - Receiving notifications about new orders
      - Printing of delivery notes as PDF
      Informing customers about the next stages of order fulfillment - Creation of email templates and default emails
      - Automation of e-mail sending

  • Customer Service
    • Increasing loyalty
      - Setting up the customer account creation form
      - Ability to set up accounts in the store by customers
      - Ability to track your orders by customers & nbsp;
      Maintaining a customer base
      - Managing customer addresses
      - Adding new clients or editing existing
      - Import/export customer lists
      - Easy customer search
      - Personalization of customer experience by creating customer groups & nbsp; & nbsp;
      Customer service
      - Access to a summary of customer activity
      - Receiving notifications
      - Create IMAP access and send requests to the appropriate employees
      - Set default answers
      - The possibility for customers to return the goods
      - Generating receipts to refund unhappy customers
      - Converting any basket into an order at the customer's request
      - Display of data and contact forms with specific topics

  • Stay informed
    • General information
      - Data browsing, goal setting and progress tracking
      - Results forecasting with filter function
      Information on the effectiveness of activities & nbsp;
      - Measuring the effectiveness of promotional campaigns
      - Create site traffic reports
      - Collecting information about websites visited by customers
      - Collecting information on delivery methods
      Product information
      - Collecting detailed information about the products offered
      - Browse the most popular products and highlight them in the store
      - Viewing inventory levels and coverage
      Information about sales and customers
      - Collection of sales data
      - Viewing all open baskets with stats
      - Segmenting customers to better reach them

  • Running a business
    • Securing your store
      - Configure email notifications with automatic alerts & nbsp;

  • Expansion
    • Winning markets & nbsp;
      - Selection of countries where your store is available
      - Adaptation of the store to the expectations of a given market
      - Setting currencies and automating the process of downloading the current exchange rate
      - Possibility to use multilingual product cards to be able to adapt descriptions to specific markets
      Running several shops & nbsp;
      - Running several stores from one administration panel
      Expansion of the store with additional modules and themes
      - Installation and operation of free, external or additional modules
      - View the Addons catalog and recommended themes and modules
      Simplification of the system operation & nbsp;
      - Use of the universal search bar
      - Reorganization of the menu layout in the admin panel
      - Faster work thanks to the auto update button
      - Configuration of cron jobs
      To delve into software with programming functions
      - Access to information about the server, store, e-mails, database ...
      - Database backups and downloads
      - Deleting fragments or entire databases
      - Setting the validity of cookies and other preferences
      - Activation/deactivation of the iFrames filter and HTML Purifier
      - Cache support
      - Creation of API key sets and configuration of permissions

  • Technical support
    • Technical support
      - Links to all available documents
      - Help with contextual documents
      - Disable extensions and skips or switch to debug mode
      - Use of quick access buttons
      - Using shortcuts to edit the directory

  • Integration
    • Integration with external systems:
      - Allegro
      - wholesalers
      - ceneo
      - and others.

We invite you to cooperation.