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Websites for hotels, hostels, guesthouses | Booking systems

When looking for a hotel, what do you do first? You jump into your computer and search for hotels in your destination city. And you decide which hotels are the best by looking for those with amazing accommodation and location, favorable reviews and reasonable prices. User Experience (UX) project of the website Your hotel's website has a huge impact on how easily you can identify this information and what's behind it goes to what is the probability that they will attract your business. According to our research the best websites have the following features.

Present the hotel in the best light. Potential guests want to know in advance what they will be like look for their accommodation, so it's important to provide a list of everything you want to offer a hotel, and display large, inviting photos of the hotel, rooms and hotel amenities, such as an internal restaurant, gym and swimming pool.

Show nearby points of interest. If you have a beach hotel that offers easy access pristine beaches, on your website you should post photos showing the hotel a stone's throw from beautiful beaches. If you are a city center hotel you should provide maps showing your hotel proximity to monuments, convention centers and more tourist attractions.

Provide reviews from external sources. Site visitors want proof that your hotel is actually the best around. Posting independent reviews from sites like TripAdvisor, awards received by the hotel, etc. will give your hotel instant growth credibility.

Facilitate viewing rates, room availability, special packages and booking options. When visitors decide they are interested in a particular hotel, they should easily take the next step and book a reservation. An intuitive interface is crucial when selling.

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